Friday, November 11, 2016

Post-election thoughts

I don't feel like fighting.
I don't even feel like "bearing witness against," an activity that normally yields me a lot of satisfaction.

It's not that I'm giving up.
But I want to try some different verbs.

I want to build.
I want to nourish. I want to nourish individuals, relationships, communities.
I want to support.
I want to give.
I want to compassion. That's not a verb, but it needs to be.
I want to stand with.
I want to mourn with.
I want to suffer with. Amend that: I want to have the courage to suffer with.

I want to reason.
I want to persuade.
I want to build on common beliefs.
I want to listen.
I want to go forth. I want to get outside my usual circles.
I want to speak as inspired by the Spirit that teaches to do justly, to judge righteously, and to walk humbly.

I don't want to be naive about this.
I want to be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove.
I don't want to hide behind pious platitudes.
I understand that this is a call to make myself exposed and vulnerable.

But I don't want to do that under the banner of fighting.
I want to lift up an ensign of peace. I want to figure out what that means in this context.

I think I'm beginning to get an inkling of why someone who preaches "Love your enemy" ends up on a cross. And why it looks like foolishness.

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